My initial inspiration as an artist came from the stark and modern Bauhaus School of Design followed by the Zen approach to be found in the Prairie Home promulgated by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Upon obtaining my contractor’s license in the 70’s, I worked with the award winning architects building homes and commercial buildings throughout Southern California.

In the 80's, I consulted the Cosanti Foundation to finance the development of Paolo Soleri's Arcosanti, an experimental urban village in the high desert of Arizona. Creating the development plan involved an in-depth exploration of CAD and computerized project management, both of which were in their infancy.

Soleri’s stunning sculptures began my love of curvilinear architecture. and counter-intuitively prompted a return to “A Timeless Way of Building.” I turned full circle to explore classical design and exploring embedded patterns in nature, math, and music that create a sense of proportion that is speaks to us on a very spiritual level. Whether it’s the Bagua, Vastru Shastra or Islamic Proportionality, there are ratios, scale and relationships that resonate with our being.

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