The Quill

and if that’s not enough, well…

In 1996, I co-wrote a script with my friend and film producer Zorba called Millennium Blues.
Blues for pablo

The story is loosely based on a strange encounter with economic warfare in London back in the 80’s, and how events that appear unrelated or accidental were actually orchestrated years in advance such as Desert Storm. I thought Y2K was the hook, but 9/11 was more prophetic.

Based on Novelty and the Mayan Calendar, the hook was changed to the Year of the Jaguar.
Jag 5-18-08 final Script

Although Endeavor called it “damn fine writing,” the litigation arising from the corruption in Cave Creek began consuming all waking hours precluding pursuit of making a movie … a huge loss and disappointment. This blog is named after the book of which the Cave Creek litigation is its final chapter.

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