Damn Fine Writing

A full life of the mind? What of the heart? What of the spirit? I like the look of the quote, and the romance, but Hemingway did not die gracefully did he? Being a writer can have its drawbacks. I wanted to write when I went off to college, but writing without experience seemed superficial. One has to live first, then write. Otherwise, the words have no Wisdom.

In 1996, I wrote a script called Millennium Blues. The story is loosely based on a merchant bank based out of London in the 80’s. i was an asset to the Managing Director who was ex-special forces, Nam in the 60’s, ex-State Department, South America in the 70’s, and was advising an Islamic charitable trust in the 80’s. In hindsight, many of the deals were set up as economic warfare to block the KGB from obtaining hard currency. Events that would appear to be unrelated or accidental were actually planned out years in advance such as Desert Storm. How strange to have Trump be best friends with Putin.

In 1996, I thought Y2K was the hook, ergo Blues for pablo 
However, 9/11 was far more prophetic.

Based on Novelty and the Mayan Calendar, the hook was changed to the Year of the Jaguar, 12-21-2012.  Jag 5-18-08 final Script

Endeavor called it “damn fine writing,” but litigation caused by Cave Creek corruption eventually consumed all waking hours precluding pursuit of making that movie … a huge loss and disappointment. This blog is the working title for my book of which the Cave Creek litigation was to be the final chapter, that is, until I got run over by a truck. But even getting run over by a truck isn’t the last chapter.

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