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Designing a home can be daunting, but fun. Here, I used colored paper, scissors and scotch tape and talked about what the client wanted. We cut out shapes to represent spaces, and shifted the shapes to correlate to the relationships of the rooms… where she needed privacy, provisions for her children, and how the public spaces could be used for entertaining. Voila.


Good design integrates the structure into the site. Either the site is raw land to which the building must sit in harmony or there is an existing structure to be re-utilized. Pedro’s Plaza is an example of the latter. Pedro’s Plaza was Guam’s police station but was originally built as a commercial office building. When government relocated the police station, the highest and best use of the Plaza was to convert it into a hotel.

Care must be taken in locating the buildings when starting with raw land to enhance and conform with the natural terrain.

northeast corner

Once the buildings have been located on the site, a recursive process of floor plan and rendering the exterior takes place.


which looks like this from the outside

6434 rendering

Sometimes, we do renderings of the interior space, but generally, if the exterior and the floor plan concept work, we begin the construction blueprints.

SFR Sparks

Don’t forget the Bagua.


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