Transformation 2

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, Desert Rats (a term used to describe folks who lived way outside Phoenix) built bomb shelters based on the premise that nuclear war was imminent. This house started as a bomb shelter (underground) and turned into a house. The main portion of the house was concrete tilt up with imbedded stone, making for a difficult remodel. The new owners wanted something more artistic, playful so we added glass inserts to our adobe, built the foundations out of river rock and blended the stone imbedded concrete walls into our adobe for a very unique look. Although the original house had character, it was hard to live in as it had no kitchen. We built a big kitchen as part of the great room putting the house in appropriate proportion. A new master bedroom wing was added all in adobe. Click on any picture to enlarge.

mb living oom counter arch shower master bath front room kitchen casa vieja 1 houseJ&A foundation 3 wagon wheel wall close up glass rolled ceiling

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