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Flatland: Understanding Multiple Dimensions From Our Third Dimensional Perspective

http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/07/02/flatland-understanding-multiple-dimensions-from-our-third-dimensional-perspective/ While the war of creationism continues, exacerbated by the Religous Right, new horizons are being explored in science. IMHO, the Luddite literal interpretation of the Bible is problemmatic because the expansion of human awareness of multidimensional reality appears to … Continue reading

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False Memories

http://techbeat.com/2013/07/implanting-false-memories-is-possible-at-least-in-mice/ This article sounds so benign but one can’t help to wonder about mind control experiments and whether we’re crossing into areas like cloning humans where the liability far outweighs the benefits. How long before the Matrix is implemented completely? … Continue reading

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A New Theory of Time?


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Kudos to Valeria Maltoni. http://www.conversationagent.com/ To start the New Year, Valeria comments on Czikszentmihalyi’s question of what makes a life worth living. Pursuing ‘the flow’ as Czikszentmihalyi puts it, is completely absorbing and existence is temporarily suspended. Czikszentmihalyi says that … Continue reading

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