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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 3/8/16 CONTACT: Arek R. Fressadi, 520-216-4103 arekfressadi@gmail.com TUCSON, AZ – Yesterday, attorneys for Rob Robertson Enterprises, Inc. admitted that their client criminal conduct in open court. Rob Robertson Enterprises, Inc. is a joint partner of Pima County … Continue reading

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in support of property rights

Land fights are by nature David v. Goliath. My conention with Cave Creek is that government can screw with land owners intentionally raising the bar from just an inverse condemnation / takings / eminent domain issue to a RICO violation– … Continue reading

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Is corruption inherent in humans or just our institutions?

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Time for a 21st Century Peasants’ Revolt While everyone from Tony Blair to Nouriel Roubini is debating whether or not bankers should be hung, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg provide some fascinating historical context. The journal’s Jason Zweig reports: … Continue reading

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False light

False Light is one of the four categories of “privacy torts” (the others being misappropriation, intrusion, and publication of private facts). False light claims protect people from offensive and false facts stated about them to the public. Generally speaking, a … Continue reading

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Abujbarah’s kid

Update: According to the State Bar’s website, Abujbarah was disbarred. Nasser U Abujbarah, 5785 E Azure Hills Dr, Cave Creek, AZ 85331-8129 480.776.6846 Fax: 480.776.6847 Status: Disbarred ILENE J. LASHINSKY (#003073) United States Trustee District of Arizona RICHARD J. CUELLAR … Continue reading

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