Client Comments

“Made a big difference in our ability to make changes…to make a profit…understood what we needed rather than just giving me what I wanted…” Scott Slavensky, Aircon, Sacramento, CA.

“At first I was skeptical, sometimes you question an outside consultant’s motives. But working with (Eric/ strike through)– have you got a better way to handle the name change / Arek inspired my trust and confidence through the direction he provided.” John Christiansen, M. H. Golden Co., San Diego, CA

“Knows our industry, but doesn’t push preconceived notions…not afraid to tell us when we don’t know what we’re talking about…” Jim Carlson, Snyder-Langston Builders, Irvine, CA

“The salary review structure Arek set up for us is a really significant contribution…has a real grasp of our corporate structure…” Bill Sanders, Hunt Building Corp., El Paso, TX

“I found Arek to be extremely good in his perceptions of personalities…observant, sensitive and even humorous.” Ron Brissette, Ron Brisette Architects, Scottsdale, AZ

“Arek Fressadi consulted our company on strategic planning, employee compensation, business planning, and marketing. Through application of his unconventional but compelling techniques, he created dissension and unrest in lackadaisical employees previously oblivious to any benefit-related issues while simultaneously pushing management to rethink its entire approach to business. Through our engagement of him, I can fully endorse Mr. Fressadi’s unique sensibilities.” Client: Kenneth Baker, former Vice-President, Snyder Langston Builders, now Senior Vice President at Hill International, the Global Leader in Managing Construction Risk.

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