Derrack’s Riviera

Derrack’s Riviera was started by Ned Champine. We thought Ned knew what he was doing and that Ned knew what Derrack meant when he talked about a pro-touring car. We provided the first and second rendering of the cars by Fast Eddy’s, one of the best in the business, so that Ned had a blueprint of what to build. This is what we got:

Picture 019

Suffice to say, we settled a lawsuit, and moved on to another fabricator, Johann Guyer. Guyer had fallen on hard times so he moved his equipment into our shop.


Basically the Champine car was cut into pieces and Guyer started fresh.

DCF 1.0DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0


the engine was added:



modified for fuel injection



and the car mocked up:




including the interior:




By the end of 2009, all progress stopped because Guyer a/k/a Alter Ego had made some fatal mistakes:


Derrack is 6’3″. Guyer is 5’6″. When Guyer grafted in the Camaro firewall and windshield, he moved the seats out instead of closer together. The result: anyone over 5’6″ tall hits their head on the roof rail. Guyer also screwed up the doors and side glass making it unfeasible to finish the car. Contrary to his EGO website, he just walked away.

Derrack thought he was going to be a superintendent for our construction company, but with the Cave Creek mess, and the downturn in the economy, Derrack went to work for Fletcher Tire. Fletcher cut a deal with the State to get tax breaks if they hired ex-cons but failed to tell their law abiding employees that new hires were predisposed to aberrant behavior. One of these new hires picked a fight with Derrack and Derrack put him in his place. But the ex-con came back after lunch, with a Gatorade bottle and doused Derrack with what looked like “water” in the Gatorade bottle. Derrack didn’t think anything of it until the ex-con pulled out his lighter and Derrack burst into flames. The Gatorade bottle was filled with “Brakleen,” a highly flammable an acetone based solvent.

Miraculously, Derrack survived but suffered 1st degree burns over 40% of his body. Casey went to jail for a year and owes Derrack over $300,000 to which he pays a pittance every once and awhile. If it wasn’t for the Cave Creek conundrum, Derrack would not have gone to work for Fletcher and never suffered from being set on fire.

Moving forward, Derrack is going to fix Guyer’s screw ups by removing the Riviera body and replacing it with a fiberglass ’50 Mercury body instead. A No lead sled.


Maybe this is what he meant when he said, “kabe-puha” as a kid.





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