My son Derrack and I share a passion for motorsports. His first word was “kabe-puha” which he’d say as a car or truck went by when on the road. When he was 5, his mom made him a “Big Foot” four wheel drive truck Halloween costume.

Derrack’s first “joy ride” was in Vector. He was 8. His first car was a Cadillac.'89 Caddy 3, 12-03

Basically believing that our Cave Creek project was on track, we looked for a father -son  project. I said to my son that when I was a kid, I liked the looks of the Buick Riviera but that it was considered an “old man’s car.” Without skipping a beat, Derrack chided me: “But Dad- you are an old man.”

And so we bought the shell of Buick Riviera from Kansas, and another in Denver and found a “horsepower ranch” outside Tucson with a big shop for Derrack and his buddies to work on cars. The sub-pages show three versions to customize the Rivieras. But as the Cave Creek litigation dragged on, one car was sold and Derrack’s car may never get finished.



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