Run Over by a Truck

On August 26, 2014, Women’s Equality Day, I was riding home a motorcycle that had just been restored from a shop in Casa Grande. Following me in my full size Ford pick up truck was Kathryn Glover, my recently re-united girlfriend from 1968. Kathryn and I connected on Facebook in May. She sold her home in Connecticut in June, and moved to Tucson in July. Although it was sunny when we left Casa Grande, we caught rain in Marana, but the bike easily traversed any run-off until I had to slow to a stop due to rocks and debris in the water on Sandario Rd. I could see Kathryn in the distance, so I figured she would stop and I’d walk the bike through water, rocks and debris.

Instead, she ran me over. ttp:// 
I regained consciousness as the tires ran across my chest. I was evacuated to the hospital by helicopter because fractured ribs punctured my left lung, and suffered from internal bleeding when I was hit by the truck. While immobile for 3 months in a hospital bed undergoing 13 surgeries, I wondered if she ran me over intentionally.

Although Kathryn and Pima County’s Sheriff knew that my insurance provided towing of the bike and truck back to my home, the Deputy Sheriff had Rod Robertson Enterprises tow the bike to its storage yard and the truck was left on the side of the road. The Sheriff’s Department and Rod Robertson operate a joint venture. Robertson tows, stores, and sells all abandoned vehicles. Robertson pays the Sheriff’s Department a kickback of 30% of the impound fees and 60% of the sale proceeds of vehicles sold at auction. Robertson submitted false documents to the Motor Vehicle Department to obtain title to my motorcycle and sold it.

After running me over, Kathryn packed up all her things and left Tucson shortly after running me over. I offered to settle and asked for an apology, but three years later, we are still in litigation and I haven’t received a dime from her. 8-27-15 complaint w exh 

On discovery that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department was engaged in an asset forfeiture racketeering scheme with Rod Robertson Enterprises, I requested that the lawsuit be removed to Graham County per ARS 12-408. The Pima County Judge issued numerous rulings before removing my case to Pinal County, prompting a consolidated lawsuit, which were to District Court. 8-18-2.