Run Over by a Truck

On August 26, 2014, Fressadi was riding a newly restored 627-pound motorcycle home from Casa Grande, followed by Kathryn Glover in Fressadi’s full size Ford pick up truck. Fressadi had to slow to a stop due to rocks and debris on Sandario Rd. Before he could figure out how to safely cross the rocks and debris in the road or move the heavy bike out of harm’s way, Glover struck Fressadi with his truck, then ran him over, causing multiple serious injuries.

I filed a complaint in Pima County Superior Court. 8-27-15 complaint w exh On discovery that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department was engaged in an asset forfeiture racketeering scheme with Rod Robertson Enterprises, I requested that the lawsuit be removed to Graham County per ARS 12-408. The Pima County Judge issued numerous rulings before removing my case to Pinal County. I filed another lawsuit that was consolidated and Pima County removed them to District Court. 8-18-2.

I’ve tried to settle with the woman who ran me over. I’m asking for an apology and atonement. It’s not just money. Her lawyer calls it harassment, but then, lawyers are psychopaths. 2-3-17 Response Glover cease desist FINAL w Exh