Run Over by a Truck

On Women’s Equality Day, I was riding home a restored motorcycle that had just been tuned by John Morley in Casa Grande. Following me in my full-size Ford pick up truck was Kathryn Glover, my recently reunited girlfriend from 1968. Kathryn and I reconnected on Facebook in May. She came out to Tucson to see me, went back and sold her home in Connecticut in June, moved in with me in July, and then hit and ran me over August 26, 2014. Although it was sunny when we left Casa Grande, we caught rain in Marana, but the bike easily traversed any water run-off until I came to a wash that was filled with rocks and debris to render it impassable. I slowed to a stop, looked around to see Kathryn was in the distance so she could stop for me to walk the bike through all the rocks and debris strewn across the road in the running water.

Instead, she ran me over. ttp:// 
I regained consciousness as the tires ran across my chest. I was evacuated to the hospital by helicopter because fractured ribs had punctured my left lung, and sustained substantial internal bleeding when I was hit by the truck. Although my injuries were sufficient for the Sheriff to charge Kathryn with aggravated assault, she was only cited for unsafe speed. For the 3 months that I was hospitalized, I wondered if she ran me over intentionally.

Although Kathryn and the Sheriffs knew that my insurance provided free towing back to my home, the Sheriff had Rod Robertson Enterprises tow the bike to its storage yard and Kathryn left the truck on the side of the road. Pima County Sheriff’s Department and Rod Robertson operate a joint venture. Robertson tows, stores, and sells abandoned vehicles for Pima County. Robertson pays Pima County a kickback of 30% of the impound fees and 60% of the sale proceeds of vehicles sold at auction. Robertson submitted false documents to the Motor Vehicle Department to obtain title to my motorcycle and sold it. Apparently, Pima County Sheriff’s Department has been operating a racketeering scheme for over 18 years.    Even the County Attorney’s office is dirty.

Kathryn came to Arizona with a full moving van of all her earthly possessions. A crew of 5 spent all day unloading her stuff to fill a 3,200 square foot shop. But after she ran me over, Kathryn packed up and was “Gone Girl” in three days. Apparently, she split to Oakland to be with her son Peter, then in December, bought a home back in Norwalk Connecticut. 168 W Norwalk Rd, Norwalk, CT – Public Record _ Trulia 168 W Norwalk Rd, Norwalk, CT – Public Record _ Trulia (2) 

I filed suit in 2015. 8-27-15 complaint w exh.   On discovery that the Pima County Sheriff’s Department was engaged in an asset forfeiture racketeering scheme with Rod Robertson Enterprises, I sought to remove the lawsuit to Graham County per ARS 12-408. The Pima County Judge continues to issue numerous rulings before transferring my case to Pinal County, prompting another lawsuit, which was consolidated with the first complaint. Glover and Pima County removed the cases to Federal District Court (8-18-2) after I started winning motions in Pinal County. Although Federal Court is supposed to abstain when parallel state court proceedings are occurring (the Younger Abstention), Phoenix District Court Judge Diane Humetewa- the same Judge who dismissed my Cave Creek matter when I was in the hospital in December 2014- took over the case and waited a year to confirm her jurisdiction. 

After a few years, I wrote a series of letters to Kathryn to request an apology and bring this matter to closure through settlement. Unbeknownst to me at the time, Glover conveyed all her assets into a revocable trust with her son. 5-4-16 RevTrustpeterglover. On February 21, 2017, Humetewa issued a Cease and Desist Order stating, among other things, that
“during the pendency of this action, Plaintiff is not to communicate with Defendant
Glover directly in writing or orally.” There is nothing that prevents parties in a lawsuit from talking or writing directly to each other. Diane claims that because I’m representing myself, I have to abide by Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys who belong to the State Bar. There is no case law to support Diane’s ruling. On January 19, 2018, Humetewa ordered me to appear in court. This was the first time we met. Her pictures on the internet depict a young smiling woman. Instead, I encountered the Wicked Witch from the West. This woman was angry and filled with hate.


On January 22, 2018, Diane held me in contempt of court for inadvertently copying Kathryn on three emails that were sent to her attorney.  There is no evidence that Kathryn actually received the emails. Diane did not throw me Jail for Email, but ordered Glover’s attorneys to prepare an invoice of expenses. 1-26-18 Doc. 199-1 LM invoice  If you can’t make sense of it, don’t feel bad- neither can I, but Cavanagh Law says they spent over $7,500 to prosecute the contempt charge.

The bill is made out to Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual is MY INSURANCE COMPANY. My insurance premiums are paying Scott Salmon, Kelton Busby and Angela Shultz to defend Glover against me. Glover should be in jail, but skipped town, and the Court holds me in contempt for wanting an apology from Glover and a fair settlement. My medical expenses exceed $800,000. Glover’s attorneys only offered $165,000 IF I agree to their terms that deny any responsibility for causing my injuries and that I refrain from any disparaging comments about Kathryn or what she did. I am thankful that her actions didn’t kill me.