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Judge Wants to Throw Fressadi in Jail for Sending Email to His “Gone Girl” Ex-Girlfriend Who Nearly Killed Him–Glover Ran Fressadi Over With His Truck, But Sheriff Only Gave Her a Speeding Ticket

TUCSON, AZ – January 17, 2018––Mark Twain said “Truth is stranger than fiction.” The press and public are invited to witness a hearing on Friday, January 19, 2:30pm at Tucson District Court, 405 W. Congress St., Courtroom 5A, where Arek R. Fressadi, a self-represented pro se victim of then-girlfriend Kathryn Ann Glover’s aggravated assault, is on trial for “contempt of court.” Glover is the ex-wife of Dick Glover, who was CEO of “Funny or Die” when “Gone Girl Glover” almost killed Fressadi by driving over him with his full-sized pickup truck and left town 3 days later, without a note or apology. Pima County Sheriffs aided Glover’s escape, issuing her only a speeding ticket. Although parties in a lawsuit can communicate with each other, the Judge wants Fressadi in jail for inadvertently copying Glover on an email to her attorneys regarding settlement.

In 1967, Fressadi met Glover in Paris and became pen-pal sweethearts, but Glover’s mother broke them up when she read their letters. Forty-seven years later, they connected on Facebook. Glover visited Fressadi in Tucson in June 2014, went back to Connecticut to sell her house in July, moved in with Fressadi in early August, and ran him over on Sandario Road on August 26, 2014, as he rode his newly-restored motorcycle from Casa Grande, AZ. Fressadi had to slow to a stop due to rocks and debris in the road. Although Glover had plenty of distance to see Fressadi and stop, she struck and ran him over with his truck. Fressadi, 64 at the time, regained consciousness when the tires went over his chest, fracturing his rib cage and puncturing his left lung. He was air evacuated to the hospital to undergo 10 surgeries over the next 3 months. He almost died again from MRSA, which got into his gashed knee. Medical expenses exceed $800,000. An ardent triathlete, walking is now a painful challenge.

Similar to Gone Girl, which Glover read just prior to the accident, Glover quickly skipped town after almost killing Fressadi, still refuses to apologize, and now insists she is the victim, of inadvertent emails. As a strange twist, Dick Glover’s current wife is named Amy, the same as the book’s protagonist. “Gone Girl Gloveris represented by 4 attorneys, 3 of which are paid through Fressadi’s insurance policy with Liberty Mutual because Glover was driving his truck. Glover’s attorneys filed a “Cease and Desist” with District Court Judge Diane Humetewa after Fressadi sent Glover a couple of letters to negotiate a settlement, as Glover refuses to disclose her mental, criminal, driving, and financial records, and appears to have fraudulently conveyed her assets after Fressadi filed his complaint.

“This isn’t my first time I’ve been run over by Humetewa,” says Fressadi. The Judge previously ruled against Fressadi by not comprehending a First Amendment retaliation feud in Cave Creek, AZ. The town concealed its violations of federal and state law to steal land and infrastructure from Fressadi, and won favorable rulings stating Fressadi’s claims are time-barred––a fraudulent scheme affecting hundreds of Cave Creek property owners. Glover’s attorneys went judge-shopping for Humetewa and removed this Pima County personal injury case to District Court in the Phoenix division to get Humetewa, who refused to abstain or transfer the case to Tucson’s division even though she is using the venue for the hearing on January 19. Fressadi challenged her jurisdiction, but Courts discriminate against pro se Plaintiffs, especially ones with “Muslim-sounding” names, even though Fressadi is Italian-Swedish and raised Christian. “It is shameful that our country has become so prejudiced,” proclaims Fressadi, “I’ll persevere to protect my rights.”

Fressadi was initially excited to have the first Native American District Court judge preside over his Cave Creek case, but then discovered Humetewa was nominated by Senator John McCain akin to his VP pick Governor Sarah Palin, and was reluctantly confirmed by President Obama. Humetewa forced proceedings a whole year without deciding her jurisdiction. Humetewa’s rulings are all void if the 9th Circuit determines she lacks jurisdiction.

Fressadi exclaims, “According to state law, Glover should be in jail for aggravated assault, but Humetewa wants to put me in jail for an inadvertent email?” Over three years after the accident, Fressadi has not received a dime from Glover for his injuries. Like Hollywood moguls who preyed on women for sex, Glover will settle only if Fressadi agrees not to disparage her. “Glover’s conduct has been heinous—inherently disparaging,” Fressadi frankly asserts. Fressadi wants closure to the “Gone Girl Glover chapter of his autobiography, Confessions of a Common Man.


Update January 26, 2018: Judge Humetewa denied Fressadi a jury trial and refused Fressadi legal representation to hold him in civil contempt, like Gandhi 100 years ago.

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