Arizona’s Motor Vehicle Department, Pima County Sheriff’s Department, and a Texas Towing Company Engage in Racketeering

TUCSON, AZ – Accident victim turned Pro Se Activist Arek R. Fressadi has discovered evidence of an apparent “fast & furious grand theft auto” racketeering scheme regarding privately-owned Texas-based towing company Rod Robertson Enterprises, Inc. (RRE) in partnership with local and state government. A hearing is set on Monday, March 7, 2016, 3pm, at Pima County Superior Court, 110 W. Congress Street, Tucson, AZ, Case #C20153965. RRE requested that the matter be under seal.

On August 27, 2014, while traversing rock and debris with his motorcycle on Sandario Rd., Fressadi was literally run over by a truck driven by Kathryn Glover, ex-wife of Dick Glover, former CEO of Will Ferrell’s “Funny or Die”. Little did he know that his injury would uncover a RICO enterprise involving corrupt business practices approved by the Pima County Board of Supervisors. “It’s bad enough to get run over by a truck, but getting bulldozed by government is worse,” says Fressadi.

ADOT collects over $1.2 Billion in Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) from fuel taxes and vehicle registrations, and even though ADOT knows that roads are unsafe, it only doles out a pittance to repair and improve county roads. Why? Because accidents are profit centers; there is no incentive to keep roads safe.

HOW IT WORKS: Rod Robertson Enterprises and the Sheriff’s Department operate as an enterprise. The Sheriff has RRE tow vehicles to its Tucson storage yard. RRE charges storage fees to “keep the vehicle safe”. The Sheriff’s Dept. gets a cut on the storage fees and charges an “administration fee” of $350 to release the vehicle. Once the Sheriff’s Dept. is paid, it “releases” the vehicle so that the owner can then pay RRE for storage fees. If storage fees are not paid, RRE auctions off the vehicle. The Sheriff’s Dept. gets 60% of the auction proceeds and 1/3 of storage fees. See contract. ADOT’s Motor Vehicle Division assesses a fine of $500 for the abandoned vehicle.

Even though his lung was punctured, his rib cage crushed and his leg was mangled, Fressadi had the acuity to tell the Deputy at the accident scene to have his insurance company tow his bike to his home for free. But the Sheriff’s Department doesn’t make any money following Fressadi’s instructions, so his motorcycle was towed to Robertson’s storage yard to rack up over $3,000 in fees while Fressadi was hospitalized for four months. Although Fressadi never authorized the tow of his motorcycle to Robertson’s storage yard, ADOT classified his bike as abandoned, transferred title to RRE who sold his bike at auction, and then, to add insult to injury, charged Fressadi $500 for “abandoning” his vehicle. Robertson knowingly submitted false writings to ADOT in violation of ARS § 13-2311 in order to commit theft of Fressadi’s motorcycle in violation of ARS § 13-1802.

Fressadi believes that many citizens have been victimized by the complicit conspiracy of Pima County’s Sheriff Department acting in concert with ADOT and Robertson. “Most people just begrudgingly pay up to be done with it, sensing that there is corruption behind the huge fees and administrative shuffle. Now there is clear evidence. People deserve to know and it’s time to stand up to government corruption,” says Fressadi. “This situation is ripe for a class action lawsuit.”

ATTACHED: Rod Robertson Contract with Amendments BATES (00349190xCDD05)

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