Skin in the Game


Valeria Maltoni posted “Skin in the Game” on her blog, Conversation Agent. She quoted Black Swan expert Nicholas Taleb about anti-fragile systems. Fragile systems depend on things following the exact planned course without deviation. Government, especially judicial systems are fragile, as are most large institutions which rely on “policy,” to manage complexity. Ironically, this inflexibility is contrary to our human nature.

For the last century, Freud’s view that man is inherently malevolent, has been the guiding algorithm for controlling the masses. See Century of Self.

But recent research confirms just the opposite: humans are kind and altruistic by nature and learn to tolerate oppression imposed by fragile, inflexible  systems.

Which is why it is essential to listen to the wisdom of the Wizard who says that small things done by ordinary people keeps evil at bay.

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